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no norsk en engelsk
old norse
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  • norrønt språk, snakket i norrøn tid
  • #Norsk#Substantiv

Beispiele für " old norse "
  • an 'old' abandoned building;   an 'old' friend
  • a wrinkled 'old' man
  • an 'old' loaf of bread
  • I find that an 'old' toothbrush is good to clean the keyboard with.
  • How 'old' are they? She’s five years 'old' and he's seven. We also have a young teen and a two-year-'old'.
  • My great-grandfather lived to be a hundred and one years 'old'.
  • My new car is not as good as my 'old' one.
  • a school reunion for 'Old' Etonians
  • The footpath follows the route of an 'old' railway line.
  • That is the 'old' way of doing things; now we do it this way.
  • When he got drunk and quarrelsome they just gave him the 'old' heave-ho.
  • Your constant pestering is getting 'old'.
  • We're having a good 'old' time.
  • My next car will be a big 'old' SUV.
  • My wife makes the best little 'old' apple pie in Texas.
  • A civilised society should always look after 'the old' in the community.