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Beispiele für " litigation "
  • There is ongoing 'litigation' in this matter.
  • This law firm is known for its 'litigation' practice.
  • That attorney has been chastized for his 'litigation' behavior.
  • Skelton
  • The mailbox is 'by' the bus stop.
  • Be back 'by' ten o'clock!
  • We will send it 'by' the first week of July.
  • The matter was decided 'by' the chairman.
  • The boat was swamped 'by' the water.
  • He was protected 'by' his body armour.
  • There are many well-known plays 'by' William Shakespeare
  • I avoided the guards 'by' moving only when they weren't looking.
  • I sorted the items 'by' category.
  • Our stock is up 'by' ten percent.
  • We went through the book page 'by' page.
  • We crawled forward 'by' inches.
  • He cheated 'by' his own admission.
  • 'By' Jove! I think she's got it!
  • 'By' all that is holy, I'll put an end to this.
  • It is easy to invert a 2-'by'-2 matrix.
  • The room was about 4 foot 'by' 6 foot.
  • The bricks used to build the wall measured 10 'by' 20 'by' 30 cm.
  • I watched as it passed 'by'.
  • There was a shepherd close 'by'.
  • The shop is hard 'by' the High Street.
  • I'll stop 'by' on my way home from work.
  • We're right near the lifeguard station. Come 'by' before you leave.
  • The women spent much time after harvest putting jams 'by' for winter and spring.
  • On 'by' tam nie poszedł. = On nie poszedł'by' tam. — He would not go there.
  • a country 'subject' to extreme heat
  • Menu listings and prices are 'subject' to lang=en
  • He's 'subject' to sneezing lang=en
  • The local board sets local policy, 'subject' to approval from the State lang=en
  • Spenser
  • In the sentence ‘The mouse is eaten by the cat in the kitchen.’, ‘The mouse’ is the 'subject', ‘the cat’ being the agent.
  • Her favorite 'subject' is physics.
  • I am a British 'subject'.
  • 'By' t=In the olden lang=fy
  • 'By' the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife.